Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Salute

When the great minds who put together the Internet first thought of the “World Wide Web,” they probably never thought of how people would use it in so many ways. One of the biggest trends to hit the “World Wide Web” is blogging. Blogging is a fad with unaccounted effects on the world. People can view opinions of others, news, or the daily life of another person (like an online journal). In this new upcoming world, with people demanding information faster, blogs are not only beneficial, but necessary in moving our culture into the new era of communication.

My own experience with blogs is limited to this class, I don’t read or post blogs regularly, but when I need to find out something or need to view the opinion of others, blogs are what I turn too. There is a blog written about anything and everything out their, for instance I tried to make a potato gun. I found a blog written by Eran Abarmson titled "How to make a Steam powered Potato Gun," it showed step by step how to make one.

Because blogs can be written by anyone, that means theirs a large vast variety of them available, more writers means more topics. This means if you’re looking to do something and want someone’s opinion on it; look to blogs most likely theirs one written about that topic.

Blogs are used for many of things; CNBC uses blogs to get news articles posted about upcoming news events, so viewers who don’t have a chance to see the news will still be updated on local, or world situations. Some blogs are written about life experiences, for example the blog titled “Hooked on Kids,” written by Wood. In it he talks about how he’s going to raise his new child and how he doesn't want to spoil it rotten, but yet be an awesome dad.

People into sports use Blogs to bash and criticize teams, or give their opinion how to make the perfect dream team, like in the blog "Y! Sports Blog." Some people write about stuff that pisses them off, like I did for this class (look at past posts.) Theirs no end to the topics discussed in blogs; in fact if you wrote a blog about blog topics, which most likely exists, it would go on for ever discussing all the vast varieties of options available.

All these different uses for blogs have an out come on out culture today. We are a culture of knowledge, so getting instant access allows us to be knowledgeable with information. However, the information isn’t always true, theirs no fact checkers for blogs. The opinions are always skewed in favor of the author, so the information presented in a lot of blogs may sound good, but might not always be true.

So we in essence may start to loose our own opinion if we allow the opinions of bloggers to warp our minds. Blogs could lead our young youth down a path of false information. You, as a reader, must be careful to interpret stuff in blogs as truth or fiction. If you really want to know if it’s true find several sources backing the same information.

Blogs can lead our generation into a new world of communication; we can read what’s happening around the world and the opinions of people from that part of the world. We can share ideas faster and more effectively using blogs. Blogs are going to change our culture and ideas weather we like it or not, like any civilization the flow of new ideas change the culture, even smallest ideas can change culture in the biggest ways. So blogging like any other form of communication will also have this effect. Possibly even more than others because blogs can be accessed anytime and anywhere theirs a computer; a constant source of ideas at our fingertips day and night.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ideas on Guest Blogger

I have been keeping this blogs for 10 weeks now, as a assignment i had a guest blogger post stuff on my blog. Out of this experience arises the question of how this makes me feel. In my mind only one answer arises " interesting," I looked forward to seeing what new ideas could be brought to my subject.

People raise the question that "its your personally space, shouldn't you feel an invasion of privacy." My answer to this is NO, your borrowing the space on the world wide web. If anything your a manager of the space and ideas, you choose what goes up and what doesn't, but i don't think its ever your truly your personal space.

The guest blogger is also a good learning tool, and is pretty entertaining. You have to get outside of your self, step in the shoes of a fellow human being. My guest blogger did a great job on my blog. It was different, not in a bad way, but in a good way, it put a twist on my blog I never thought of before. Had the essence of the David Letterman "Top 10," but with her own personal tweak to it. Only thing i was opposed to was putting Bangles stuff up, joking, but in seriousness you cant deny the city of Cleavland. I mean they have the best basketball, and football team, in my opinion............Cleavland also has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that's one hell of a town for you.
Nothing like some Rock N' Roll, and kick ass sports.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guest Blogging Experiment

Don’t cha hate it when people can ruin a good time? My family is huge Cincinnati Bengal fans and we have season tickets to all of the home games. Here are a few things that piss me off when we are at the game:

1) Don’t cha hate it when you are peacefully tailgating with family and friends and some drunks come along and have to set up their tents, chairs, etc. right in your spot.

2) Don’t cha hate it while walking to the stadium, fans from the other team starts rudely calling you names and saying that the “Bengal’s suck!”

3) Don’t cha hate it when you and the family get to the gates of the stadium and your seven-year-old cousin cannot find his ticket!

4) Don’t cha hate it when you get on the escalators to go to your seats, which is really high, it happens to break down and you have to walk the rest of the way up the escalator, while carrying your cousin, who got scared!

5) Don’t cha hate it when you finally get at the top of the escalator and no one is moving because they do not know where to go or they just stand around so you cannot get through!

6) Don’t cha hate it when you go to the concession stand and the line is ridiculous and by the time you get up to the counters, basically you’re not hungry anymore. Not to mention your wallet has a hole in it from just buying a bottle of water because the prices are outrageous!

7) Don’t cha hate it when you finally get to your seats and find Cleveland Brown fans in your seat! After you politely tell them they’re in the wrong seat number, you have to argue a little with them to get them to leave. Then the guy next to you sings the Star Spangled Banner so loudly in your ears, you think you will not be able to hear for a week!

8) Don’t cha hate it when people constantly get up and down and want through your row so much that you missed the kickoff and you don’t even know who has the ball! Then when they come back they spill beer on your shoe and don’t even say anything! Or a really, really drunk person throws up on the person in front of you and when the wind blows by you smell the puke for the rest of the game!

9) Don’t cha hate it when you are stuck babysitting your cousins and it seems like they always have to go use the potty! When you finally take them to the restroom, the line for the women’s restroom is long and you look at the men’s restroom, the guy that walked in two seconds ago is all ready out and you only moved two inches!

10) Don’t cha hate it when your team is losing the game!

Who Dey!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Diffrent from others

This week I 'm gonna tell you about something that pisses me off, which will probably get people pissed off at me. The pissed off topic for this week is shopping. I know about all the comments will be calling me out about how stupid that is, but i just really dislike shopping.

Whenever I go shopping I always get frustrated, first I have to take time out of my day to go and try to find the said item. Then usually the store I go to is out of it, or had it tucked in a place were not even the employees could find it. So you have to go around to multiple stores to find the item, and waste gas.

Then once you acquire the item which most likely cost me a arm and a leg, I have to go and stand in a line to pay for it. Have you ever noticed at big retail stores like Target, WalMart, or even the grocery store; they have many check out lanes, but only one or two of them are open at one time. Its like eating a sandwich in front of a starving man, all i wanna do is pay and leave but I'm forced to stand behind a lady who is trying to use every coupon possible; which its good to save money but annoying as hell if you the person in line behind them.

Then theirs the holiday season, people everywhere crowding you. I hate big crowds not because I'm claustrophobic but because the more people their are the odds are better that theirs gonna be one to piss me off.
Then during the holidays once you waited in the even longer lines, you get into the parking lot and have to doge old people and children when your trying to make you escape to freedom.

To hell with all of that I'm buying off the Internet from now on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Blur Of Fun

This week I'm going a little off topic, in picking a blog from someone in the class one stands out to me, Havens blog "One Hell of a Night." This blog relates to me a lot because I like to party, or in general just have a good time.

In the blog haven talks about going to some kick ass collage party, and probably one of my favorite things, games. Like he described,"As I moved on to the kitchen I realized that the real party was in there just getting started: kegs, beer pong, crazy eights and all other drinking games you could think of."
My favorite of these games is beer pong, just something I love about it. It might be the fact that I like to take it to a level kind of like the movie"BASEketball", I love to do physic outs. Now this is good and bad, some people enjoy the ripping on each other they understand its a game, but then theirs those guys who take it dead serious and think your starting shit with them. Usually it works its self out, but one day I'll probably get my teeth knocked in for it. Well I guess its a good thing I'm playing with beer and not water, so the outcome wont hit me till morning.

Another thing Haven talks about is the music. "When we arrived at the house we walked in the living room; it was like nothing I really never seen before. The music was going people were everywhere and the environment was so cool and chilled out but yet so hype." It usually goes the same way at most parties, games are played in the kitchen or basement; music is jammed in the living room. I love a good jamming of the music especially when the music is playing hard then someone kicks on one of those songs, you know a classic that everyone knows the words too. Then you get tons of people screaming it, but in their state they think its sounds awesome. Its so catchy you have no choice to join in, no matter how bad you sound.

Haven goes on to tell about how the atmosphere in college parties is different than ones from high school. He said its "because you are dealing with adults that have to much to lose based on one night of ignorance, opposed to teenagers." Its true as a teen I was retarded when it came to parties, I was that guy to do something pretty stupid, like leave for Taco Bell at 3 a.m just because I felt like it. I also would take dumb bets, and challenges which could have severely effect my life. I work most of it out of my system with no permanent damage, that I know of.

Every now and then I still do something retarded, I am still a teen; however I go about these thing with a little more experience under my belt. Example I was at a party cops got called, they said if everyone cooperates they wont take action. In my mind I wasn't gonna get caught, so I ran up stairs and jumped on the roof and covered my self in leaves. They never found me or did anything to the people at the party, just told us to keep it down.

If I was caught I would have been in trouble for interfering with police business, and evading them. I know this because one of my other friends tried it once and got caught. The experience I knew however was to not hide in a closet because that's wear my friend got caught.

Like Haven said "Whatever the case may be one thing is apparent that I am in a new area, and glad that I have stepped into it." I to am glad to be in this part of my life too, but it only last so long so get in on it while you can. Everyone can't stay young and stupid for ever. You don't to be that 35 year old at the party with people 15 years younger than you. Well 35 is a bit away but still enjoy it now, before your forced to grow up (were the hell is Peter Pan to stop this, oh wait hes not real. Damn!)
"They took the whole bar, the whole fuckign bar."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Article Week

Its been a relatively calm week, so to find stuff that pisses me off I'm searching the web for new articles that piss me off. Here's my top three picks:

1) Pennsylvania Judges accused of Jailing Kids for Cash: It found an article telling how a Pennsylvania judges accepted millions of dollars from a juvenile detention center to have kids sent to them. The judges would go and have hearings with no lawyers that would last two minutes then sentence the kids to the juvenile center. Now first and for most those judges are ass holes who's egos are so big they feel compelled to destroy young lives for money. Now they have created kids who have not trust in there government system and judicial court; However, theirs two sides to this also. I don't know the age of theses kids, but you would think one of them would have thrown up the red flag when the judge wont allow you to have a lawyer present at your trial.

I'm no student of the law but I know i have rights; all you have to do is turn on the T.V. to know you can get a lawyer no matter what. Now don't get me wrong I'm not defending there pompous jackass judges, I'm just saying if my neck was on the line for a bull shit crime I fight tooth and nail to use everything to my advantage.

2) South Carolina Cops Making Arrests in Phelps Case: In this article it says that cops are busting people for marijuana possessions and drilling them with questions about the swimmer Phelps. Now first off i just have to say, I don't look down on Phelps for his actions I just look down on him for being such a dumb ass and not hiding it better. I really don't give a shit what celebrities do in there private lives. Just don't let it leek out into public, i know sometimes its hard because of the paparazzi. In Phelps case it was some person with a picture phone that blew his cover.

I personally still like the guy, and if he can do all he does while drugged up then more power to him; however, in this case police are wasting time on a few guys with pot to try to get Phelps punished. That's so damn stupid, in our economic times we wast our cities tax dollars to try to punish one man when there rapist and killers out there. To me that's fucking stupid, wasting time on some people who smoke pot. God forbid they smoke pot, what are they gonna do sit in there basement and watch weird T.V. shows with bright colors. Wow call the swat team those mofoes are crazy.

Really I know lots of pot heads they are very calm layed back people; most are hippies so the most disturbance they would consider causing in there lifetime would be a peaceful protest. So stop wasting our money on trying to punish one man who didn't hurt anyone, but himself from this experience.

3) Scientist Eye Debris after Satellite Collision: This article interested me more than pissing me off, but i put it in anyways. In the article it explains that a Russian and American satellites collided sending debris everywhere. Which could hurt other satellites, or even the Hubble Telescope. Now I don't have much to say about this but "nice driving boys." We litter our planet now we have even started to pollute our space orbit. Now don't get me wrong i think space stuff is sweet shit, but I'm just saying as a race people very junkie. No sweet though I'm sure our kids will clean it up.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Hair For Life

Everybody has those moments, even the most calm of people do. You know those moments were you get so pissed off, you can feel your heart beat in your face. Now I am one of the most calm people you’ll ever meet, in my opinion. Even I have those moments every now and then; were you just feel the inner animal come out. I’m going to let you in on the top thing that can put me into a state of anger.

The key to sending me into this dark world instantaneously, is criticizing my hair. I know it sounds stupid, but you have to understand were I’m coming from. I have a grandmother, who could be the older version of Satan himself. As a child I always like to wear my hair longer, but to her a military cut was the only style. Every time I would go visit her she would go and take me to get a hair cut. Even on a Sunday if the barber was closed, she would call him up and make me an “emergency” appointment.

I recall one time during the Easter season my family was going to go up to visit my grandmother. The day we were going up to have lunch with her; I had to get up early to get my hair cut. I remember complaining about going so early to the barber, but my mother said “get your hair cut now or your grandmother will throw a fit and cut it anyway.”

When I showed up to her house she didn’t say anything to me for a while. So I thought she might be happy with my hair for once, wrong. After lunch she announces to family she was going to run to town; she said she was getting ice cream, so of course I was down for some ice cream. It was looking like a good day, then we turned off in a complex that looked all to familiar. It was the barbers, I was getting two hair cuts in one day, and this time I was getting a complete shave. There are some people that can pull off the shaved look, then theirs those that can’t. As you guessed I’m one that can’t pull the look off, I looked like a creature from Star Trek. She pulled the ultimate low thing tricking me with ice cream, to this day I still get suspicious when people suggest to go get ice cream.

When ever I gathered up enough courage to refuse a hair cut, I was side swiped with remarks about how only hippies have long hair, or I will remain alone the rest of my life because women would find me repulsive. She would also say stuff like unsuccessful people, and dirty people wore there hair long. It would be one thing if I had my hair growing all the way down my back, but just a little shaggy is a whole other story, plus you don’t talk to a child that way.

I always vowed once I could out smart her I was going to throw it in her face hard core, but as I got older I started to shrug it off more and more. Then graduation came along, she made a huge deal about it right out in the parking lot. I stood outside of school in my gown; I was taking pictures with some friends, and she walked up in between them. She looked right at me and said “I see you’ve done nothing with your hair.”

Her first words weren’t even congratulations, or good work on graduating, they were directed about my hair. As we slowly walked towards her car, I could feel my pulse in my hands from being so mad. The whole time walking there she told me suggestions’ how to fix my hair, and told me to come visit so I can get “a proper hair style.” So I snapped and told her in the kindest way possible to “Kiss My Ass!” Next time I saw her I had a full beard and shaggy hair like usual, and not one thing was mentioned about it.

My parents didn’t even care that I snapped on her. In fact they stopped trying to tell her to lay off my hair, because she would go off on rants about how there parenting skills are terrible, and there raising a redneck. Plus it wasn’t unusual to have family members snap on her; my dad would go off on my grandmother about once a year.

You figured when her own family told her that she was intolerable it would sink in, guess not. I’m hoping that me blowing up on her will sink into her thick skull to treat family kinder, not, she’s old and set in her ways so it will probably have to become a yearly thing.

Lots of things irritate me, but hair comments will piss me off faster than anything. It especially pisses me off when it is spouted from my grandmother’s mouth. People can bring up stuff negative about my hair, I’ll let it slide a few times, but anything after that is going to have a reply along the lines of “shove it were the sun don’t shine.”