Friday, March 6, 2009

Guest Blogging Experiment

Don’t cha hate it when people can ruin a good time? My family is huge Cincinnati Bengal fans and we have season tickets to all of the home games. Here are a few things that piss me off when we are at the game:

1) Don’t cha hate it when you are peacefully tailgating with family and friends and some drunks come along and have to set up their tents, chairs, etc. right in your spot.

2) Don’t cha hate it while walking to the stadium, fans from the other team starts rudely calling you names and saying that the “Bengal’s suck!”

3) Don’t cha hate it when you and the family get to the gates of the stadium and your seven-year-old cousin cannot find his ticket!

4) Don’t cha hate it when you get on the escalators to go to your seats, which is really high, it happens to break down and you have to walk the rest of the way up the escalator, while carrying your cousin, who got scared!

5) Don’t cha hate it when you finally get at the top of the escalator and no one is moving because they do not know where to go or they just stand around so you cannot get through!

6) Don’t cha hate it when you go to the concession stand and the line is ridiculous and by the time you get up to the counters, basically you’re not hungry anymore. Not to mention your wallet has a hole in it from just buying a bottle of water because the prices are outrageous!

7) Don’t cha hate it when you finally get to your seats and find Cleveland Brown fans in your seat! After you politely tell them they’re in the wrong seat number, you have to argue a little with them to get them to leave. Then the guy next to you sings the Star Spangled Banner so loudly in your ears, you think you will not be able to hear for a week!

8) Don’t cha hate it when people constantly get up and down and want through your row so much that you missed the kickoff and you don’t even know who has the ball! Then when they come back they spill beer on your shoe and don’t even say anything! Or a really, really drunk person throws up on the person in front of you and when the wind blows by you smell the puke for the rest of the game!

9) Don’t cha hate it when you are stuck babysitting your cousins and it seems like they always have to go use the potty! When you finally take them to the restroom, the line for the women’s restroom is long and you look at the men’s restroom, the guy that walked in two seconds ago is all ready out and you only moved two inches!

10) Don’t cha hate it when your team is losing the game!

Who Dey!


Fitz said...

I have no idea who wrote this blog, but I am a huge Bengals fan! Funny post. WHO-DEY!!!!

EthanAndrew said...

haha it might be shannon. i'm not sure. but it was funny.

brandon said...

I really have no idea who could have written this blog.

Rico said...

I also don't know who this could be.....but I hate the Bengals.