Friday, February 27, 2009

Diffrent from others

This week I 'm gonna tell you about something that pisses me off, which will probably get people pissed off at me. The pissed off topic for this week is shopping. I know about all the comments will be calling me out about how stupid that is, but i just really dislike shopping.

Whenever I go shopping I always get frustrated, first I have to take time out of my day to go and try to find the said item. Then usually the store I go to is out of it, or had it tucked in a place were not even the employees could find it. So you have to go around to multiple stores to find the item, and waste gas.

Then once you acquire the item which most likely cost me a arm and a leg, I have to go and stand in a line to pay for it. Have you ever noticed at big retail stores like Target, WalMart, or even the grocery store; they have many check out lanes, but only one or two of them are open at one time. Its like eating a sandwich in front of a starving man, all i wanna do is pay and leave but I'm forced to stand behind a lady who is trying to use every coupon possible; which its good to save money but annoying as hell if you the person in line behind them.

Then theirs the holiday season, people everywhere crowding you. I hate big crowds not because I'm claustrophobic but because the more people their are the odds are better that theirs gonna be one to piss me off.
Then during the holidays once you waited in the even longer lines, you get into the parking lot and have to doge old people and children when your trying to make you escape to freedom.

To hell with all of that I'm buying off the Internet from now on.

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WhY Me? said...

Omg i love shopping especially on black friday, but i don't know anymore since someone died. Well you just a typical boy. My boyfriend is the same way. He hates shopping he says it's a waste of time. For me i just like to go shopping to get stress off my chest. This is the only way that i can get stress to get away or running. Shopping is the best way ask any girl they love to shop only boys don't.