Thursday, January 29, 2009

The White Blues

This week has been a trying week for a lot of people. Nerves have been on end all around, because of one little old lady we like to call Mother Nature. She has been testing a lot of people, but feels like she has found it fun to point her icy finger at me lately.

Now this storm was a fun one, I wake up at 6:30 am to see that school is canceled. I was pumped, so pumped I went and fell asleep. Wake up to get a call that my neighbor has slid off the road. My mother tells me shes going to go pick her up. Then I get a call that my mother also needs picked up, because her tire was so frozen to the ground it was pulled off the rim by the ice.

So I get out of bed, go and pound about 3 inches of solid ice from my truck, and me being a idiot didn't wear gloves, froze my fingers off. I got in warmed my truck up, and go to get my neighbor first. She tells me I can pull her out of the ditch, well my truck was having none of that. So then go and attempt to push her out, she gets out only after a nice slushy mix gets all over my pants and coat.

Then I'm off to fix my mothers car, I get down jack the car up and try to pull the tire off. Well I don't know your experiences with this, but a frozen tire is hard to get off, so I pull and pull. I didn't get the tire off, but I did manage to pull a car nearly on top of me. Who would of guess a car jacked up on ice could fall on you. Only if it did fall on me, then I could have been famous for being a huge dumb ass. Well anyways I jacked the car up again, and got the tire off. Then I got into town with my mother, fixed the tire, came back and put it back on.

Then I went and headed for home, only to find it with out power. Now I was pissed, I have a frozen crotch on my pants, I'm exhausted, filthy dirty, and I feel as if I have lost my little finger to frost bite. Then I come home to a cold, damp ,dark house. So I go take a freezing shower, hoping maybe if it doesn't clean me it will freeze me, and I can be unfrozen in the future, when global warming has broken off Mother Natures icy cold hands.

Well as you can tell the freezing process failed, but I did feel dead on the inside a little. So after a while I called some friends up, they were all snowed in. So I turned to one place I hate to go to, Walmart. I have never spent more than 30 minutes in a Walmart before, partly because its anti -American, (that's a rant saved for another time.) I went down every isle, and played every demo video game.

After 2 hours of that, it was so crowded with people I went home, because freezing was better than getting trampled to death. Finally I found out my elderly neighbor had a generator, so I went over and played cards with him till like two in the morning. Then went home and crashed ending that cursed day.

So heres to you mother nature. Good job getting me a snow day, but go to hell for wasting it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie moods

This weeks topic of things that piss me off is the movies. I love to go catch a good flick, but every time theirs a thing or so that raises the hair on my neck.

Now I don’t know if anyone has ever had this happen before or not, but you walk into the theater there’s no one else there. You think to yourself “yes a movie with just you and your friends.” Then a few people walk in, and they insist on sitting right behind you. There’s a whole empty theater and they choose to sit behind you, kick your seat, and repeat lines right after there said, as if the people with them just didn’t witness the same thing. I feel like turning around and smashing my drink on there face, but I wont because the drink coast me $4.50 (which is huge rip in itself because I can go get a whole 12 pack for that price).

Then theirs the time when you go to a opening of a movie. It’s a packed house usually, you manage to find a seat, and lone and behold its right next to the biggest seat oozer ever. I had a guy one time actually lean over into my seat and pretty much envelop my arm rest, then he breathed, laughed, and coughed in my face. I looked at him and said “oh wow are the seats comfortable, I wouldn’t know, because the right half of my seat was conquered by you and your 5 gallon bucket of popcorn.” I was so pissed I got up half way through the move and stood in the back.

Then with 2 minutes left in the movie, I went to get my money back. When asked why I said “I felt vandalized.” I said the only way to get partial dignity back was with a refund. They said they weren’t going to refund me because I saw the movie. Told them to give me half my money back and go charge the seat oozer over there the other half of the ticket price. Well I didn’t get my money back , so I haven’t been back to the theater since.

Only you can make a difference, stay on the straight path, say no to seat oozing

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Touching a Nerve

This is something that has been on my mind for a while. The use of cellphones, in our modern world. Now don't get me wrong there a great invention. Allowing for you to keep in touch anywhere, with everyone. Like all things however to much use or misuse is a bad thing. First on my list about the device is texting. Its cool to do every now and then, but there's just people who take it to far. I saw on tv theres a girl that sends a phone book worth of texts a month. She doesn't even talk to her friends in real life she just texts them. If that girl was my friend I would toss her phone off a bridge.

Now in my own life, I have experienced something similar. Sometimes when having conversations with my friends, they'll pause the conversation to answer a text. Now to me that's like a smack in the face, showing that the person who's isn't there takes priority over a person, who your having a conversation with in real life.

Now some people try to help the situation by saying who there texting, but then you get those people who are so secretive. Even if you walk behind them they'll cover the screen up. Like I give a shit what there talking about, to a person who if you picked up the phone, could say the same amount of information to in 10 minutes.

Then theres the Blootooth Head sets. I don't know if its just me, but have you ever been in a store and someone starts talking. You think there asking you stuff, like they'll say, "oh what a load of crap." I'll turn around and be like excuse me. Then they'll say, "I just don't care about you." I answer with a few choice words. Then they turn sideways, and I realize its just a jack ass with a head set on in the store talking to his wife or something.

Then you get those guys in the restaurant who eat with there head sets on. In there mind they probably think they look bad ass, but in real life there just a wanna be important business man. If they were really important they wouldn't be eating at a crappy six dollar China Buffet.

Last but not least, you just have the people who answer there phones rudely in restaurant's or waiting rooms. Like I wanna hear about your mothers surgery while I'm trying to enjoy some delicious soup of the day. Have you notices to, that all these kind of people HAVE EXTREMELY LOUD VOICES. It feels as if there sitting on my head and yelling into my ear, there whole conversation.

I think congress should pass a law on obnoxious use of cell phones, punishable by death. Well maybe death is over doing it, but a swift kick to the pants would do good also. If there second offenders, then there phone goes in the microwave for a few minutes. Third offenders you don't even want to know your punishment.

Friday, January 9, 2009


This blog is about everyday little occurances that piss me off. Everyone has those little things that get under your skin. Somethings may be bigger than others, but if you like to listen to rants sit back and learn what pisses me off.
Now you’ve probebly heard a lot of people’s pissed off rants online. Your probebly thinking that this is just another angry guy just blowing hot air. Your probebly right, if you don’t care to hear what I have to say or it offends you then DON’T READ THIS BLOG. However if you read it and get offended I’ll tell you what u can do. Step one go to a change jar, step two get fifty cents out, and step three call someone who cares.
I’ve been called all the names in the book, so if you plan to insult me it falls on deaf ears.
Now if you agree with what I’m saying then leave a comment. I’m always glad to hear of things that pisses others off, that we're in agreeance too.