Thursday, January 15, 2009

Touching a Nerve

This is something that has been on my mind for a while. The use of cellphones, in our modern world. Now don't get me wrong there a great invention. Allowing for you to keep in touch anywhere, with everyone. Like all things however to much use or misuse is a bad thing. First on my list about the device is texting. Its cool to do every now and then, but there's just people who take it to far. I saw on tv theres a girl that sends a phone book worth of texts a month. She doesn't even talk to her friends in real life she just texts them. If that girl was my friend I would toss her phone off a bridge.

Now in my own life, I have experienced something similar. Sometimes when having conversations with my friends, they'll pause the conversation to answer a text. Now to me that's like a smack in the face, showing that the person who's isn't there takes priority over a person, who your having a conversation with in real life.

Now some people try to help the situation by saying who there texting, but then you get those people who are so secretive. Even if you walk behind them they'll cover the screen up. Like I give a shit what there talking about, to a person who if you picked up the phone, could say the same amount of information to in 10 minutes.

Then theres the Blootooth Head sets. I don't know if its just me, but have you ever been in a store and someone starts talking. You think there asking you stuff, like they'll say, "oh what a load of crap." I'll turn around and be like excuse me. Then they'll say, "I just don't care about you." I answer with a few choice words. Then they turn sideways, and I realize its just a jack ass with a head set on in the store talking to his wife or something.

Then you get those guys in the restaurant who eat with there head sets on. In there mind they probably think they look bad ass, but in real life there just a wanna be important business man. If they were really important they wouldn't be eating at a crappy six dollar China Buffet.

Last but not least, you just have the people who answer there phones rudely in restaurant's or waiting rooms. Like I wanna hear about your mothers surgery while I'm trying to enjoy some delicious soup of the day. Have you notices to, that all these kind of people HAVE EXTREMELY LOUD VOICES. It feels as if there sitting on my head and yelling into my ear, there whole conversation.

I think congress should pass a law on obnoxious use of cell phones, punishable by death. Well maybe death is over doing it, but a swift kick to the pants would do good also. If there second offenders, then there phone goes in the microwave for a few minutes. Third offenders you don't even want to know your punishment.


EthanAndrew said...

ha. i'm probably one of those people Zander. Love to do my texting. But i do share the hate for the bluetooth. It has happened to me, the thought someone was talking to me but they weren't. lol embarressed me which also frustrated me.

Lil Bit said...

Yeah I'll agree with Ethan I'm guilty as charged with the texting thing, lol. Just make sure not to ever text around you, but you make a pretty good point with the blue tooth. I always asked what was the point of making those things, my friend has one and when she is on her blue tooth I think she's talking to me all the time. But yeah I think you make a nice point in this blog

eLeNa said...

Well i'm VERY guitly on the whole texting thing =/ haha but i am sooo with you on the bluetooth thing! the only thing i could understand why people use it ...well nevermind i guess i get why people use it, but it is soo annoying! Your blog made me laugh! =]

Fitz said...

I think Bluetooth's are important if you are driving or you are actually a very important business person. I do believe it is humorous to see people use them while driving and you see them talking or maybe it looks like they are singing because you can't see the ear with the Bluetooth. Texting is a different story, it's a fad that I don't see leaving anytime soon. Everyone does it but I do see your point.

Paige said...

I dont hate the people that text all the time but i would perffer not to text if i dont have to. But i also preffer to use texting if i just have to say something short like im here, call later, and short messages like that

Rico said...

I believe that there are some people who take texting a little too far. There are times when I would call their phone and they won’t answer but they will text me back. How lame is that?