Thursday, January 29, 2009

The White Blues

This week has been a trying week for a lot of people. Nerves have been on end all around, because of one little old lady we like to call Mother Nature. She has been testing a lot of people, but feels like she has found it fun to point her icy finger at me lately.

Now this storm was a fun one, I wake up at 6:30 am to see that school is canceled. I was pumped, so pumped I went and fell asleep. Wake up to get a call that my neighbor has slid off the road. My mother tells me shes going to go pick her up. Then I get a call that my mother also needs picked up, because her tire was so frozen to the ground it was pulled off the rim by the ice.

So I get out of bed, go and pound about 3 inches of solid ice from my truck, and me being a idiot didn't wear gloves, froze my fingers off. I got in warmed my truck up, and go to get my neighbor first. She tells me I can pull her out of the ditch, well my truck was having none of that. So then go and attempt to push her out, she gets out only after a nice slushy mix gets all over my pants and coat.

Then I'm off to fix my mothers car, I get down jack the car up and try to pull the tire off. Well I don't know your experiences with this, but a frozen tire is hard to get off, so I pull and pull. I didn't get the tire off, but I did manage to pull a car nearly on top of me. Who would of guess a car jacked up on ice could fall on you. Only if it did fall on me, then I could have been famous for being a huge dumb ass. Well anyways I jacked the car up again, and got the tire off. Then I got into town with my mother, fixed the tire, came back and put it back on.

Then I went and headed for home, only to find it with out power. Now I was pissed, I have a frozen crotch on my pants, I'm exhausted, filthy dirty, and I feel as if I have lost my little finger to frost bite. Then I come home to a cold, damp ,dark house. So I go take a freezing shower, hoping maybe if it doesn't clean me it will freeze me, and I can be unfrozen in the future, when global warming has broken off Mother Natures icy cold hands.

Well as you can tell the freezing process failed, but I did feel dead on the inside a little. So after a while I called some friends up, they were all snowed in. So I turned to one place I hate to go to, Walmart. I have never spent more than 30 minutes in a Walmart before, partly because its anti -American, (that's a rant saved for another time.) I went down every isle, and played every demo video game.

After 2 hours of that, it was so crowded with people I went home, because freezing was better than getting trampled to death. Finally I found out my elderly neighbor had a generator, so I went over and played cards with him till like two in the morning. Then went home and crashed ending that cursed day.

So heres to you mother nature. Good job getting me a snow day, but go to hell for wasting it.


eLeNa said...

yes to all of that! i know exactly what you mean! ahh!

Fitz said...

I guess if any good came out of it, it was good you helped out society. I'm sure many kids would have just stayed home and not have helped out anyone.BUT ...we as college students hardly ever get snow days so Mother Nature had to find a way to ruin that, right? But hey, maybe we can get lucky and get another day.

Paige said...

Yea it was not fun to get all that snow but i was also happy to get a snow day.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

There's something strangely compelling about the good Samaritan who complains about it afterwords. Sort of a noble curmudgeon.

EthanAndrew said...

lol niceeee. i'd be pissed too. sorry your snow day turned out so badly. but that ice was hella thick on my car too. sucked scrapping it off.