Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie moods

This weeks topic of things that piss me off is the movies. I love to go catch a good flick, but every time theirs a thing or so that raises the hair on my neck.

Now I don’t know if anyone has ever had this happen before or not, but you walk into the theater there’s no one else there. You think to yourself “yes a movie with just you and your friends.” Then a few people walk in, and they insist on sitting right behind you. There’s a whole empty theater and they choose to sit behind you, kick your seat, and repeat lines right after there said, as if the people with them just didn’t witness the same thing. I feel like turning around and smashing my drink on there face, but I wont because the drink coast me $4.50 (which is huge rip in itself because I can go get a whole 12 pack for that price).

Then theirs the time when you go to a opening of a movie. It’s a packed house usually, you manage to find a seat, and lone and behold its right next to the biggest seat oozer ever. I had a guy one time actually lean over into my seat and pretty much envelop my arm rest, then he breathed, laughed, and coughed in my face. I looked at him and said “oh wow are the seats comfortable, I wouldn’t know, because the right half of my seat was conquered by you and your 5 gallon bucket of popcorn.” I was so pissed I got up half way through the move and stood in the back.

Then with 2 minutes left in the movie, I went to get my money back. When asked why I said “I felt vandalized.” I said the only way to get partial dignity back was with a refund. They said they weren’t going to refund me because I saw the movie. Told them to give me half my money back and go charge the seat oozer over there the other half of the ticket price. Well I didn’t get my money back , so I haven’t been back to the theater since.

Only you can make a difference, stay on the straight path, say no to seat oozing


brandon said...

Well, I have experienced the person kicking the back of my chair, but not really experienced someone crowding me. There are a lot things at the movies that piss me off too, such as babies crying.

EthanAndrew said...

I love movies. And i can't sand when someone ruins it. My roommates no not to even try to talk to me because i get in a fixated mood on the movie. I say NO to seat oozers!

Fitz said...

I can relate to the people that sit behind you in a non-packed house. Ur best off just sitting in the very back that way everyone is in front of you.

Kyle said...

OK,this true. I hate it so much, and sometimes find myself thinking about it through the whole movie.

WhY Me? said...

Got to hate the seat oozers. movies are to expensive to have it ruined by seat oozers. At least they could do is return some of your money back,but i know as well it never happens. Thats why i rent movies now cheaper and your in the privacy of your own home.