Friday, February 20, 2009

A Blur Of Fun

This week I'm going a little off topic, in picking a blog from someone in the class one stands out to me, Havens blog "One Hell of a Night." This blog relates to me a lot because I like to party, or in general just have a good time.

In the blog haven talks about going to some kick ass collage party, and probably one of my favorite things, games. Like he described,"As I moved on to the kitchen I realized that the real party was in there just getting started: kegs, beer pong, crazy eights and all other drinking games you could think of."
My favorite of these games is beer pong, just something I love about it. It might be the fact that I like to take it to a level kind of like the movie"BASEketball", I love to do physic outs. Now this is good and bad, some people enjoy the ripping on each other they understand its a game, but then theirs those guys who take it dead serious and think your starting shit with them. Usually it works its self out, but one day I'll probably get my teeth knocked in for it. Well I guess its a good thing I'm playing with beer and not water, so the outcome wont hit me till morning.

Another thing Haven talks about is the music. "When we arrived at the house we walked in the living room; it was like nothing I really never seen before. The music was going people were everywhere and the environment was so cool and chilled out but yet so hype." It usually goes the same way at most parties, games are played in the kitchen or basement; music is jammed in the living room. I love a good jamming of the music especially when the music is playing hard then someone kicks on one of those songs, you know a classic that everyone knows the words too. Then you get tons of people screaming it, but in their state they think its sounds awesome. Its so catchy you have no choice to join in, no matter how bad you sound.

Haven goes on to tell about how the atmosphere in college parties is different than ones from high school. He said its "because you are dealing with adults that have to much to lose based on one night of ignorance, opposed to teenagers." Its true as a teen I was retarded when it came to parties, I was that guy to do something pretty stupid, like leave for Taco Bell at 3 a.m just because I felt like it. I also would take dumb bets, and challenges which could have severely effect my life. I work most of it out of my system with no permanent damage, that I know of.

Every now and then I still do something retarded, I am still a teen; however I go about these thing with a little more experience under my belt. Example I was at a party cops got called, they said if everyone cooperates they wont take action. In my mind I wasn't gonna get caught, so I ran up stairs and jumped on the roof and covered my self in leaves. They never found me or did anything to the people at the party, just told us to keep it down.

If I was caught I would have been in trouble for interfering with police business, and evading them. I know this because one of my other friends tried it once and got caught. The experience I knew however was to not hide in a closet because that's wear my friend got caught.

Like Haven said "Whatever the case may be one thing is apparent that I am in a new area, and glad that I have stepped into it." I to am glad to be in this part of my life too, but it only last so long so get in on it while you can. Everyone can't stay young and stupid for ever. You don't to be that 35 year old at the party with people 15 years younger than you. Well 35 is a bit away but still enjoy it now, before your forced to grow up (were the hell is Peter Pan to stop this, oh wait hes not real. Damn!)
"They took the whole bar, the whole fuckign bar."


EthanAndrew said...

haha. i wrote a response to the same one! but yours is a little longer... lol. but i agree! funny how we both kind of used the same pic.

WhY Me? said...

I love parties.Parties are all about beer pong. It's funny man i get so drunk on thoses things. lol I dont' know what crazy eight is you should tell me about that one. Yes college parties the funnest. More people and you get to meet more friends.

da hav said...

LMAO good shit bro idk about jumping off roofs into leaves but i have done some shit in my day to and its just about to get crazier ya dig keep em coming brother keep em coming

Ashley said...

" day I'll probably get my teeth knocked in for it." This genuinely made me laugh out loud. I like your sense of humor. I also like that you say you've learned some stuff. You're really never too old to have fun--remember that. The reference to Peter Pan made me chuckle as well. I never thought of the leaf thing...but that's because I'm not cool enough to run from the police :D.