Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ideas on Guest Blogger

I have been keeping this blogs for 10 weeks now, as a assignment i had a guest blogger post stuff on my blog. Out of this experience arises the question of how this makes me feel. In my mind only one answer arises " interesting," I looked forward to seeing what new ideas could be brought to my subject.

People raise the question that "its your personally space, shouldn't you feel an invasion of privacy." My answer to this is NO, your borrowing the space on the world wide web. If anything your a manager of the space and ideas, you choose what goes up and what doesn't, but i don't think its ever your truly your personal space.

The guest blogger is also a good learning tool, and is pretty entertaining. You have to get outside of your self, step in the shoes of a fellow human being. My guest blogger did a great job on my blog. It was different, not in a bad way, but in a good way, it put a twist on my blog I never thought of before. Had the essence of the David Letterman "Top 10," but with her own personal tweak to it. Only thing i was opposed to was putting Bangles stuff up, joking, but in seriousness you cant deny the city of Cleavland. I mean they have the best basketball, and football team, in my opinion............Cleavland also has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that's one hell of a town for you.
Nothing like some Rock N' Roll, and kick ass sports.


Fitz said...

Agree to disagree. Haha. I am a huge Bengals fan! I do however have a lot of love for the state of Ohio. As long as someone just beats the crap out of the Steelers, I'm happy. But, obviously that hasn't been happening. So I only have two words for ya. WHO-DEY!

WhY Me? said...

I like your topic because it changes every friday, but the same basic idea still applies. Every week you write about something that pisses you off. That's a good topic i'm kind of jealous. lol Well i guess having someoen else write on your blog isn't so bad because you get other inputs from people. You get to see what pisses other people off. Which is so many different things.

EthanAndrew said...

well im not much of a sports maniac, mostly just watch osu games. so don't have an opinion for that. but i have to agree that it was a cool and interesting experience to step out of our comfortzones.

TracyDanielle said...

Your blog was always my favorite to read, next to heathers. There are a lot of things that piss people off and i thought it was funny when i could compare my pissed off moments. lol

TracyDanielle said...
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